Partnerships in the family: not always equality and not everyone can do it
In the comments on the test "I am the sun" and many articles on marital relations, you can often hear: "Domostroy does not suit me, there must be partnerships in…

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Test for girls: is it worth going to the registry office with your current boyfriend?
Often a relationship with a man who seemed to have started well ends quickly, leaving an unpleasant aftertaste or emptiness. It is important to understand in time who is next…

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Scripts in love
If a person loves, he cares about whom he loves, but caring for us by us is not always perceived by us with gratitude and enthusiasm. We have our own,…

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sincerely convinced

Romantic love: Helen Fisher studies the brain of lovers

Why do all people crave love and are even ready to die for it? To answer this question, a research group led by Helen Fisher undertook to study the results of brain tomography of lovers and those who recently experienced a breakdown.

American anthropologist Helen Fisher
Helen Fisher
Professor Helen Fisher, an anthropologist at Rutgers University in New Jersey, author of five books and hundreds of scientific articles, studies human love as a biology phenomenon.

Fisher became known for her studies of the behavior of people in love. From the point of view of an Continue reading

How not to make a marriage proposal: 6 typical mistakes of men

The marriage proposal is an unforgettable moment for every couple. It is that border, after which (with the consent of the bride, of course!) The lovers begin a new stage in the relationship. The main task of a man is to make his chosen one feel most desirable and answer the cherished yes. But in the pursuit of romance, some young people choose ways that are not very suitable for real life and allow other annoying oversights. Consider the most common male mistakes.
Error number 1. Make an offer in public
Television shows are periodically broadcast live, in which men make an offer to their chosen ones. It would seem a good idea to declare your love to the whole world. But in reality, a girl can be very embarrassed or even afraid of such attention. This is especially a bad idea for those suitors whose darling Continue reading

10 most common brides mistakes before the wedding

To organize a truly memorable wedding, you need to spend a lot of time and nerves. Often, the bride, without realizing it, makes the preparation more difficult than it could be.

Error number 1. Idealize
Often, brides draw in their heads some ideal day in which everything goes as planned. And as soon as something goes wrong, panic begins, the mood deteriorates.

You can solve the problem quite simply – you do not need to unconditionally believe that wedding preparation is a simple matter that will take place without a hitch, and on the wedding day everything will definitely work out in the best way. Continue reading

Flirt and coquetry
Flirting is a form of attracting attention with sexual overtones. Flirty - female flirting. Ever emphasizing her feminine virtues, sometimes hiding them and demonstrating her inaccessibility, a woman increases her…


No one owes nothing to nobody?
"No one owes nothing to nobody!" - I said thirty years ago in the book "How to treat yourself and people: practical psychology for every day." Since then, an equal…


Ji must be let go! - How do we push each other
I will suggest you look at a small fragment of a conversation between two well-educated and already loving each other people. Their names are Ricky and Kate. This small conversation…


Loves a woman, loves a child
"Loves a woman, loves a child." I very often hear this saying when it comes to talking about the children that a man receives with his beloved woman. Does a…