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Man’s betrayal: are all men equally prone to infidelity?

There is a fairly common myth about the lodging of men and their tendency to cheat on their wives and partners. Is it really? If such a myth exists, then it is definitely beneficial for someone. At what age are men more likely to cheat? Is there anything in common with a man’s infidelity? Psychologists Adam M. Alter and Hal E. Hershfield, who interviewed more than 42 thousand men from more than 100 countries of the world, tried to understand this question. What did they do?

What age is cheating more characteristic of a man?
You must have heard the expression “A gray hair in a beard – a demon in the ribs”, which claims that at a certain age (about 40-45 years) men begin to feel “second youth”, and cheat on wives with young girls, leave the family . You also heard the expression “He did not walk up in his youth.” Does age affect male adultery?
Each age stage of a man is accompanied by both hormonal changes and social changes, changes in worldview. This affects the self-esteem, activity and needs of men. In addition, we will not discount the “strength of habit” and the need for novelty. Researchers divided all men into groups where a significant event was a birthday (30, 40, 50 years old).

It turned out that the closer the anniversary date, the more prone to deceive their partner men, the more prone they are to treason.

An explanation of this phenomenon was found in the fact that approaching a significant date, men tend to take stock, conduct an audit of their lives. Someone does this with joy and pleasure, noting their own merits, and someone lacks the meaning in their lives, lacks joy and pleasure. Then the man decides on an extramarital affair, trying to restore internal balance.

Treason is an attempt to fill the internal vacuum. A dangerous age for adultery is the approach of the anniversary (29, 39, 49 years).

Men of what professions and occupations are more prone to treason?
It turned out that people working in finance, aviation and healthcare are more likely to cheat on their partners more often than other men. This is what the TOP of “the most unfaithful male professions” looks like:
1. Financial (bankers, brokers, analysts, etc.)
2. Aviation (pilots, cabin crew, flight pursers, etc.)
3. Health (doctors, nurses, nurses, etc.)
4. Business (managers, managers, secretaries, etc.)
5. Sports (athletes, instructors, representatives, etc.)
6. Art (musicians, models, actors, photographers, etc.)
7. Nightlife (DJs, dancers, waiters, etc.)
8. Communication (journalists, public relations, PR and advertisers, etc.)
9. Legal (legal, secretaries, prosecutors, judges, etc.)

Such a picture is that for certain professions, cheating on a man is more likely than for other occupations.

Where do men most often cheat and with whom?
The study showed that male cheating in two thirds of cases occurred at the workplace. At the same time, 85% of respondents unequivocally stated that it is better to avoid official affairs with colleagues.
Intriguing with a colleague is much easier, because a lot of time is spent together, and intimate communication makes the job much more interesting.
Naturally, problems begin when the romantic relationship between a man and a woman has ended negatively, with quarrels, and there is a need to continue to work with this person and meet on official issues.

The Psychology of Treason
Cheating on a man, like female cheating, is always a painful process and a test for marital relations. The basic trust in the stall is undermined, which is difficult to restore. Few couples can brag about overcoming this family crisis.

It is important to remember that cheating on a man is not the cause of problems, it is a consequence of insufficient closeness and openness between spouses, lack of expression, and the inability to speak directly on complex topics.

But if you try to look at this issue from a different perspective, then

fidelity is an illusion in which people voluntarily believe, believing that a partner can wholly and completely belong to them.

Biology of human behavior.
I hope most of my readers adhere to the theory of evolution formulated by Darwin? If so, then we, as a species, descended from primates (after all, we have 95% of the genes with chimpanzees). Let’s just take it as a fact, because discoveries in genetics only confirm this (anyone interested. Can read the book “The Selfish Gene” by Richard Dawkins). Primates are not distinguished by monogamy. Scientists have even discovered a gene that, in their opinion, can be responsible for fidelity, but it’s not yet possible to decipher completely in order to make predictions on the analyzes. People have signs of behavior and so-called. “Tournament species”, where promiscuous sexual relations are observed, there are signs that are characteristic of species forming long-term unions.

Marriage (family), as a form of existence, appeared quite a long time ago, which ensured the survival and upbringing of children, which people develop too long for adults.

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