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Pre-wedding commotion: getting ready for the wedding without quarrels and reproaches

Wedding chores bring with them a lot of pleasant excitement, at the same time they can become a source of disagreement between the bride and groom. Despite the fact that you love each other and you have a lot in common, your tastes will definitely not converge in something. Do not quarrel before the wedding – this is a great art. Indeed, in essence, a wedding celebration is the first project that you need to implement together. The result will show how ready your couple is for the further difficulties of family life.

Clothing for a celebration
Every little girl dreams about the moment when she puts on a beautiful dress and goes to meet her prince. This is probably why most brides are willing to pay a fabulous sum for a wedding dress, although they will only wear it for one day. Men are practical and prone to minimalism, for this reason some of them may not approve such a purchase.

In addition, the groom may not understand why to devote a lot of time to preparing dresses and dressing in the same style. Such misunderstanding can easily lead to a quarrel. To avoid this, discuss in advance the budget that you are willing to spend on wedding dresses. And find a style or theme that both of you will like. Surely there are. The groom, most likely, will be imbued with a theme close to him and will support the bride. If necessary, consult a stylist. He will consider your hidden potential. Based on this, choose a suit for the groom and a dress for the bride within a certain budget.

Festive table
The most important thing to remember is that the main purpose of a wedding is not to eat. No matter how delicious the dishes, the main thing is the atmosphere of the holiday. Therefore, the menu should be treated easier. If the bride and groom love different dishes, then you can order something, based on the preferences of everyone. After all, restaurants provide an opportunity to choose – either a menu from the chef, or an individual menu according to your order. Taste the cuisine of the selected restaurant in advance. If quality food is prepared and used there, then the table at your wedding will be worthy.

Wedding style
It often happens that the bride likes the option with a hat with a veil and retro cars, and the groom dreams of a wedding that includes sports paraphernalia, since his life is impossible without football. What to do in such a situation? There are two ways – either someone will give in, or both will have to give in and find some third topic that everyone will like. In this case, the test passes your art to negotiate. It is better to learn from such small problems that it will be easier in the future to get out of more difficult situations.

Invite list
This is perhaps the most sensitive topic of all mentioned. After all, here we are talking not only about the couple, but also about other people. In a sense, a wedding invitation is a sign of respect for friends and relatives. Of course, weddings are different. And if you decide that you invite only your parents and two closest friends to your celebration – this is your right and you will not be condemned for this. Another thing if you want to spend a holiday for 50 people. It may happen that you have a disagreement about who to include on this list. Everyone will have very welcome people and those people who seem to be invited, but do not want to. You will be wondering: what if he or she is offended if they are not invited?

Ideally, you should invite those who will be nice to see both of you to the wedding. But if the groom does not get along with the bride’s aunt, and the bride herself has a very close relationship with her, then it’s better to call an aunt. Perhaps this will be a step towards reconciliation.

Music at the banquet
On this occasion, do not quarrel at all. Usually, people with very different tastes and preferences gather at the wedding. Many wedding guests also know each other poorly. Therefore, there is a set of musical compositions that are traditionally performed at most weddings. It’s easy to dance under them, and they do not irritate the bulk of people with rare exceptions. This is popular Russian and foreign music of the current season, recognized retro hits, as well as songs on wedding themes. Of course, if the groom or the bride has any unloved songs, it is worth warning the DJ in advance. But to arrange a wedding only with rock music or instrumental music in most cases makes no sense. Well, only if at your celebration a narrow circle of people with whom you have the same musical passions will not come together.

Wedding traditions
Rites and traditions are rooted in the distant past. This almost elusive connection with distant ancestors is present at any wedding. Therefore, customs should not be neglected. Family traditions that pass from generation to generation are best observed. Of course, there are such customs that modern newlyweds often cause bewilderment. For example, showering young rice and coins.

If your fiancé is a very shy person, then a ransom can just unsettle him. Do not neglect the feelings of others.

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