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What you need to discuss with the groom in preparation for the wedding

Usually grooms are much less involved in preparing for the wedding than brides. Most often, girls shoulder the complex burden of organizing one of the most important and biggest holidays in life on themselves. Indeed, women’s magazines often advise “not to strain” men with questions of choosing the shade of the color of ribbons for invitations or tablecloths on tables. However, there are issues that simply need to be discussed with the groom without fail.
If your young man by all means avoids participating in the preparations for the wedding, and you decide everything yourself, then it is possible that on a solemn day he will have a shock. He may be terrified of the color and quality of the limousine that you have chosen, or of the wedding menu, in which, in his opinion, “there is nothing to eat.” So do your best and eloquence to discuss with him several important points of your upcoming wedding.

1. Music for the first dance
The music for your first dance as a husband and wife must be chosen together. If you want to take a song with words, be very attentive to the lyrics, even if it is in a foreign language. It may happen that there are phrases in it that absolutely do not correspond either to your story or to the situation at the holiday. You will be embarrassed.

Very often, famous waltzes are chosen for a wedding dance, for example, a melody from the movie “My Tender and Tender Beast”. If you want to dance to this or another equally famous waltz, take a few lessons from the choreographer. You need to be able to submit yourself to such strong music.

It’s good if you and your fiancé have their own song and it’s suitable for a wedding dance. In this case, you can preface the dance and tell why this music is important to you. Guests will be interested.

2. Gifts
It is necessary to discuss a strategy for collecting money from wedding guests: do you want to pay for the wedding or is the holiday just important for you.

You need to understand what the financial possibilities of your second half and her relatives are, and relate them to the material well-being of your own family. Someone is able to leave a pretty impressive amount at the wedding, and someone, maybe, will come to you for the last money. Some couples fundamentally limit themselves only to accepting wedding gifts from guests, while others use every opportunity to collect more money from them – arrange fortune telling on the floor of the first-born, steal the bride and then redeem them, conduct a ritual of collecting “garbage” and so on. It is necessary that your ideas about this coincide with the groom, otherwise the conflict cannot be avoided.

3. Wedding dress and costume
The groom must have an idea of ​​the wedding image of the bride in order to choose the right outfit and accessories for themselves.

Now, brides and grooms often turn to stylists to help them create the right wedding looks. But this is not done by all and not always. Brides know that the groom should not see them before the wedding in a wedding dress, because this is a bad omen. However, this does not mean that the groom cannot know what your dress will be. Its length, color, style. After all, you should look harmonious on this important day, so discussing who and what will be at the wedding will not hurt.

4. Redemption of the bride
It is necessary to prepare the groom for the redemption of the bride, if you have it planned.

Many grooms are afraid of the ransom of the bride, like fire. And this is no coincidence. Inventive bridesmaids come up with tasks that are simply impossible to solve. They often ask questions such as what kind of passport the bride has or when she fell in love for the first time. Therefore, if you do not want your fiancée to have a bad mood before registration, help him prepare for the ransom. Sit and remember all the important milestones of your life together and the life of the bride. Then the handsome prince will stand all the tests with dignity.

It would be nice to attract the groom to the discussion of other issues – the wedding procession, the wedding menu, and places for the wedding photo shoot. The main thing is to discuss key things with him, and make your own decisions about important things.

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