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8 “worst” brides’ fears: how to stop being afraid?

“He will see me in a wedding dress, and he will not like me”, “I will never look in this dress like the model in the catalog”, “what if I have acne before the wedding” – if you are a bride, then rather of all, such thoughts occurred to you. You are not alone in these fears, believe me. In this article, we have collected the most common fears of brides, as well as tips on how to deal with them.

1. Nobody will like my image
Do you know at least one person that everyone likes? So you should not strive for this, believe me. Just because everyone likes it is impossible. Including the wedding day. Before the wedding, it is better to think about what inspires you and your chosen one, in what outfit you will feel like yourself. In this case, the opinion of everyone else will go by the wayside. And you know, there is a place for him.

2. Suddenly at the wedding, something goes wrong
Remember the most interesting, delightful moments of your life. Now think about whether you planned them in advance. Most likely, the answer will be no. The best thing in life happens all of a sudden; deviating from plans is not always bad. Tune in to the best and wedding day will pleasantly surprise you.

Photo by Dmitry Sapozhnikov (Tula)
3. Guests will be bored / they will remain hungry / tired
First, look at point number one and remember once again that everyone will not like it. Secondly, the mood of the guests must be entrusted to professionals. Choose a good leader, and the evening will go smoothly. Choose a quality restaurant with good service. In general, know: if the holiday is organized correctly, no one what they fed there. The main thing is impressions.

4. What if I get married “not for that”?
Wait, why did you even decide to get married now? To understand this, answer yes or no to the following questions. Do you think your age is already right? Those close to you got you the question “when?” Because all your friends are already married? Because you want to forget the former and annoy him? If you answered “no” to all these questions, then everything is in order. Your doubts are just pre-wedding jitters. If at least one was a positive answer, your doubts are justified. Think, maybe the truth is not worth it.

Photo by Dmitry Sapozhnikov (Tula)
5. I am afraid of change, suddenly they will not be for the better
You really have to get used to a lot. Especially if you did not live together before the wedding. There are so many nuances in the relationships and behavior of people in everyday life. And you will have a bunch of new relatives with whom you will also need to build relationships. When the baby appears, everything will change again. The fact that all this will be, you just need to accept and act on the situation, learn to negotiate. Many probably told you that marriage is a difficult job. But as a reward you will receive a loved one whom you can always rely on.

6. He will control every step I take.
It is better to discuss your views on family relationships “on the shore”. Remember how he behaved in a relationship. If you were jealous of “every pillar,” then your fears are not in vain. One should fear total control even if he has too traditional views on his family, and he believes that the woman’s place is on the stove. But you’re unlikely to have one like that, right? Of course, you know that the foundation of a relationship is trust. Behave yourself with dignity yourself – do not read his correspondence in social networks and SMS messages on the phone, let him sometimes relax with friends without you. He will appreciate it and will respect your pastime without him.

Photo by Dmitry Sapozhnikov (Tula)
7. I cannot be a good wife
Perhaps all girls are afraid of this. And men are afraid to seem courageous enough. Here two things must be remembered: the concept of a “good wife” for each man means something different, and you can learn to be a good wife for your husband. Understand what is important for your chosen one and whether you can give it to him. What does he need, and what can he close his eyes to? It is important for someone to be fed with lunches, breakfasts and dinners, and for someone the most important thing is how his woman looks, someone does not suffer from a mess, and someone – boredom. Think of at least one daily ritual of caring for your husband (evening massage, conversation, some special breakfast, and so on). But this should be what will be really important for him. And he will certainly appreciate it.

8. And if our marriage ends in divorce?
Divorce statistics, of course, are scary. Surely you have friends or acquaintances who are divorced. This is a sad event, but in reality only at first glance. Remember, several centuries ago, girls were married off without their consent, and divorces were prohibited. The real misfortune is to live life with a person who does not suit you. If your marriage is a mistake, you will have a second chance. Of course, you should not run to get divorced after the first quarrel. But if you really feel bad together for a long time, and you can’t agree on your future life, then divorce will be the best way out. It often happens

8 “worst” brides' fears: how to stop being afraid?
“He will see me in a wedding dress, and he will not like me”, “I will never look in this dress like the model in the catalog”, “what if I…


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