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How not to make a marriage proposal: 6 typical mistakes of men

The marriage proposal is an unforgettable moment for every couple. It is that border, after which (with the consent of the bride, of course!) The lovers begin a new stage in the relationship. The main task of a man is to make his chosen one feel most desirable and answer the cherished yes. But in the pursuit of romance, some young people choose ways that are not very suitable for real life and allow other annoying oversights. Consider the most common male mistakes.
Error number 1. Make an offer in public
Television shows are periodically broadcast live, in which men make an offer to their chosen ones. It would seem a good idea to declare your love to the whole world. But in reality, a girl can be very embarrassed or even afraid of such attention. This is especially a bad idea for those suitors whose darling is a real introvert (prefers solitude, does not like the attention of society, and she has only one, well, maximum, two friends).

A proposal made in this form has another risk. Think, would you like to hear the refusal in the presence of a large number of people? This, too, can happen. This option may appeal only to those girls who are very, very fond of attention and if your relationship is already time-tested.

A completely unfortunate option is a proposal made on the air. This is as ridiculous as a telephone call. Such personal things should be said, looking into the eyes of your beloved and involving outsiders, and even more so means of remote communication, is absolutely not necessary.

Mistake # 2. Offer a hand and a heart to your family
Another common mistake is to interfere in the relations of your relatives. It is commendable that you want to demonstrate serious intentions. But a girl who is not well acquainted with them will surely feel uncomfortable under the probing glances of your relatives. And you will most likely be disappointed with her reaction – it is unlikely that she will be able to sincerely and openly express her emotions.

Mistake # 3. Hide the ring in drinks or food
This method, borrowed from American films, looks rather strange in life. Few girls like to find a ring hidden, for example, in one of the dumplings or in a piece of cake. Even if the bride finds this way of offering amusing, there is a chance to spend the rest of the evening in the hospital.

Mistake number 4. Request an immediate response
The lack of instant consent to your proposal does not necessarily mean that the girl doubts her feelings. It is possible that for her it is a surprise. Or she is considering whether your marriage will be successful. In these cases, taking a short pause is perfectly normal. Such a serious step as marriage requires a balanced and informed decision.

Mistake No. 5. Report unnecessary details
It is not worth mentioning that you get married under the pressure of circumstances or due to age. In no case should the phrases be heard: “Okay, let’s sign it” or “Since you’re pregnant – where to go.” At the time of the proposal, the girl should feel unique and desirable for you, and these words will leave an unpleasant aftertaste and will cloud the beginning of your new life.

Mistake number 6. Worry too much
Marriage proposal is one of the main points in your relationship. At the same time, your appearance should express determination and confidence. It will be a shame if your speech is confused and slurred and you cannot properly convey your feelings to your beloved. Therefore, you should first tune in, think over the words and even rehearse them in front of the mirror. Then you will have more chances to impress your chosen one.

To make a beautiful and memorable offer to your beloved, it is not necessary to resort to unusual methods. It is not necessary to attract unnecessary witnesses – this moment belongs only to you. Choose a ring for your bride (you can consult with your mother or sister about the size and design of the jewelry), tune in, create a romantic atmosphere and don’t worry – then everything will go well and you will have a happy life together ahead.

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