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10 most common brides mistakes before the wedding

To organize a truly memorable wedding, you need to spend a lot of time and nerves. Often, the bride, without realizing it, makes the preparation more difficult than it could be.

Error number 1. Idealize
Often, brides draw in their heads some ideal day in which everything goes as planned. And as soon as something goes wrong, panic begins, the mood deteriorates.

You can solve the problem quite simply – you do not need to unconditionally believe that wedding preparation is a simple matter that will take place without a hitch, and on the wedding day everything will definitely work out in the best way.

Everything happens in life, then there is no way to find a photographer, then shoes do not fit the dress. But if you think carefully, you can understand that all this is completely unimportant in comparison with the event that is coming. You need to relax and extract only positive emotions from preparing for the wedding and from the celebration itself. And unpleasant little things are not worth attention and worries.

Mistake # 2. Wrong budget planning
Organizing a wedding requires considerable cash costs, and you need to clearly understand your financial capabilities. There is no need to spend every penny on a wedding, and then get into debt and credit history. Perhaps it’s worth completely restricting yourself to a modest celebration, and hold on to money for the first family purchases.

Mistake # 3. Forget about proper nutrition.
Rare brides lose weight from stress. More often, girls, on the contrary, start to lean on food from experiences, which can lead to several extra pounds. Of course, this is not scary, or maybe even good, but the bride does not exist without a wedding dress. If the outfit is bought a couple of sizes smaller, then embarrassment can happen. No need to think that you are slimmer than you really are. The dress, selected in size and shape, will only emphasize the advantages and hide the flaws.

Mistake number 4. Add “extra people” to the guest list
No need to strive to invite all-all relatives to the celebration, including very distant ones. The joy of attending the wedding of Uncle Vasya, whom no one has ever seen, will not be added, but there will be additional costs. You have to pay for accommodation, meals, a place in a restaurant, and if you invite a few dozen such relatives, you can even go broke. Perhaps this money is better spent more profitably.

Error No. 5. Cling to details
Sometimes brides torment themselves, paying too much attention to details. Does the dress match the color of the tablecloths on the tables? Will the menu have 120 dishes or 121? Is it really that important? Is it possible that a wedding can be broken due to the shade of roses? Can it be that those napkins can spoil the mood of the guests? After some time, no one will remember this volume. No need to worry about trifles, and preparation will only be a joy.

Mistake number 6. Forget about the opinion of the groom
Do not ignore the groom in preparation for the wedding. Most often, men happily join in the pre-holiday chores. Of course, you can choose a dress with a girlfriend, but rent a car for a wedding procession, or you can trust the choice of the restaurant premises to the stronger sex. A wedding is an important event in the life of the groom. Most likely, he would also like to participate in the preparation.

Error No. 7. Pulling time
If the decision on the wedding was made relatively recently and there are still many months before the wedding, you still should not put off the matter. The more days left, the higher the chances of training without unnecessary worries. It’s best to make a business plan in order to be in time.

Mistake number 8. Too nervous
Sometimes brides, without noticing it, become angry and grumpy. On the one hand, this can be understood – nerves, lack of sleep, stress. But on the other, there is a chance to set everyone against themselves. It is nevertheless worth restoring self-control and talking with others in a good-natured tone. A good attitude will set everyone in the positive mood that is necessary for a successful celebration.

Error No. 9. Neglecting Girlfriends Dresses
If the bride wants her friends to dress equally and does not pay enough attention to their dresses, then this is very bad. The beauty of the holiday and its atmosphere depends on the well-being of all guests. Bridesmaids are very important for the celebration, their appearance needs to be paid attention.

Error No. 10. Decrease event significance
You can’t take the wedding day just as an occasion to have fun, otherwise there will be no necessary atmosphere. A wedding is a very individual and touching event. It is necessary that lively emotions and solemnity of the moment can be traced in everything.

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