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6 duties of the main bridesmaid

The merry bridesmaids and friends of the groom, it seems, have completely crowded out the witnesses who were relevant at Soviet weddings. But honeymooners still cannot do without people on whom they could rely. Therefore, among the girlfriends there is always a main one. She is the bride’s right hand and a source of moral support. To become an excellent main girlfriend, you need to perform several important responsibilities.

The tradition of choosing the main girlfriend from among several came to Russia from Western countries. There she is called “Maid of Honor”, which used to be translated from English as “maid of honor”, and literally – “main servant”. And in this definition there is a lot of truth about the role of such a girlfriend at a wedding. The main bridesmaid is one of the most important persons at American and European weddings. Being just a bridesmaid there is considered very honorable, and being a main girlfriend is doubly honorable. It is with the main girlfriend that the bride agrees on many issues related to the preparation of the wedding. She actively participates in the organization of the celebration along with the newlyweds. And literally “serves” the bride many months before the wedding and at the celebration itself. For many girls, these chores are not a burden at all, but a very pleasant pastime.

Here are a few important responsibilities for bridesmaids.

1. Actively participate in organizing a wedding
Most likely, the bride herself will say what kind of help she will need from the main girlfriend. Often it is with her that she chooses a wedding dress, discusses the color combinations in the decor, the concept of the event and entrusts some important matters that she does not have time to do. Now, at many weddings, all organizational concerns are transferred to wedding agencies. Therefore, the girlfriend’s task is greatly simplified. The biggest thing she can do for the bride is to support her emotionally, show her participation, stop panic moods and say important words of comfort in difficult moments.

2. Represent the interests of other girlfriends
It is the main girlfriend who is the connecting thread between the bride and all her other friends who are invited to the wedding. The most sensitive issue that remains to be decided in what dresses the girls will wear on the day of the celebration. The bride will offer some option for the color and style of the dresses, and the main girlfriend needs to collect opinions about this from the other girls. This is a rather complicated issue in which you have to find some kind of compromise. Sometimes only the wisdom of the main bridesmaid and her ability to negotiate help to avoid problems.

You also need to decide who will pay for the outfits of girlfriends. If at weddings girlfriends do this by default, then in Russia it happens in different ways. In any case, the bride will be pleased if you take this part of the wedding expenses for yourself.

3. Organize a bachelorette party
Some brides organize their own bachelorette party, others want to get some kind of surprise from their girlfriends. In the latter case, the main girlfriend needs to take on the role of organizer of the bachelorette party. And even if the bride decided not to make a bachelorette party at all, it is better to pack up with other girlfriends and come up with some kind of surprise for her. She will be pleased.

4. Support the bride at the wedding
Again, if the bride has a wedding steward, then the main girlfriend will be spared many worries. Nevertheless, it is imperative to make it clear that when you need some help, you can turn to it. Bridesmaids often help meet guests before the ceremony, take them to the right places, if this is provided for in the seating plan, and create a festive mood. The main girlfriend, of course, must coordinate all these points. In the event of any force majeure, she is among the first to help.

It is advisable that the girlfriend’s purse have essentials: wipes, powder, a comb, a pair of invisibles, pills for headaches and digestive disorders, a patch, a mirror, several pins. Perhaps, at the moment when something happens to the bride with a hairstyle or makeup, only a girlfriend will be next to her.

You need to be the main girlfriend throughout the wedding day, and not just during the ceremony. It is very important.

5. Give a couple of tips to the groom
Men are often less susceptible to the mood of others than women. Therefore, the main girlfriend can tell the groom how to please the bride on her wedding day, in order to cheer her up or simply show a sign of attention.

6. Follow the honeymoon home during the honeymoon
The eternal problem of everyone who has pets is whom to entrust them with while traveling. The bride will be very happy if the main girlfriend agrees to take care of her cat or dog while she is on vacation. Especially dedicated girlfriends can take care of cleaning the apartment during this period.

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