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I want to be loved and happy

We women love to dream. Imagine a prince on a white horse, a house full of flowers, kisses and smart kids at a family dinner … Why, then again and again, our dreams are broken about cruel reality? After all, we really want to be loved and happy!
Unfortunately, we are not able to transform these dreams into reality. We were not taught this in childhood, and we live in illusions: I want one thing, but in fact in life it’s completely different. In this discrepancy is our suffering, our pain.

So, stop dreaming? To abandon girl’s dreams once and for all, to accept the axiom “all men are goats”, to reconcile with their fate? I’m sure you met women who chose this path. It is sad to look at them – tired and worn out, living in eternal discontent, and, worse, in humiliation. They do not experience inner torment, they live as it turns out, and do not aim for more.

Is there any other way? Is it possible to make real life look like a dream, is it possible to make oneself loved and happy? It turns out you can. This is described in detail by Irina Miroshnichenko.

Pictures of love and happiness
First, keep on dreaming. Imagine pictures of a happy relationship: you and your beloved walk in the park, cook together, dance on the beach or ride on the carousel … buy a carpet, hang curtains, swaddle a baby or just wake up with a smile …

Add small details to your dreams, they will help you more fully immerse yourself in the picture of love and happiness. Do you think a loving man gives you flowers? Roses with gerberas or daisies with orchids? Cut off or in a pot? Imagine with what smile you accept them, with what look you look at the man, what words do you say in response?

Gather yourself a piggy bank of such pictures from your favorite films and books, from the life of friends or from your own imagination. And then – arrange a “viewing” of the collection, every day, for 15 minutes, in the morning, after waking up, or in the evening, before going to bed.

You can and should tell your pictures to others – preferably those who will accept them favorably and throw you a couple of ideas for the collection. By the way, at the training of Irina Miroshnichenko, a surprisingly pleasant female company is always selected in which it is very effective to create your own pictures of happiness.

But that is not all. Secondly, and, perhaps, most importantly, every woman needs to treat her dreams as instructions.

Instructions for those who want to be loved and happy
Want to be loved – act like a beloved woman! Like this? We recall the piggy bank of pictures: to be in a good mood, rejoice at the sight of a beloved man. He came up to ask you something – you were immediately distracted from your affairs, looked at him tenderly, smiled and answered affectionately. “Wait, wait, don’t interfere, I can’t leave me now, leave me alone …” – this is how the beloved woman does not behave.

If you want a warm atmosphere in your family, let it always have a topic for conversation ready, light and pleasant for relaxation, serious and constructive for working on relationships, interesting and exciting for inspiration. “Why do not you love me” or “How can I live with such a fool like you” – such topics certainly do not contribute to a warm atmosphere.

Why is it so difficult to be happy?
It would seem that everything is simple: imagine beautiful pictures and behave the same in life – you will be loved and happy. Alas, sometimes it can be incredibly difficult for us to step aside from the negative thoughts, emotions and feelings that overcome us. We continue to act according to an idle, but such a familiar scenario, stepping on the same rake over and over again.

The essence of love can be conveyed by a simple formula:
Love is a joyful concern.
Love is business, it is caring for one or the one you love. But you can take care with longing, with a sense of martyrdom: “Here, I take care, I’m forced, because who else will take care ?!” – No, martyrdom is not love. Love, when and if you care for joy, when you want to take care, when you are grateful to your beloved for the opportunity to take care of him.

The essence of love can be formulated in another way:

If I feel good about what is good for another person, if I want him to be even better, and if I do everything for this, then I love this person.
Formula of falling in love: Preloving + Sealing of the Beloved + Promotion of the experience of love.

The formula of love speaks of giving attitude, the formula of love speaks of self-service, of quenching the inner thirst of love.

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