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Integrated wedding design: what is included in it?

We tell you what is included in the complex design of the wedding and understand the purpose of each zone.

1. Materials for decoration

Now in the decoration of weddings use a variety of materials. They can be limited only by your imagination and budget.

Flowers They must be fresh and of high quality. To do this, you need to responsibly approach the choice of a florist.
Textile. Often the textiles that are on the site are not suitable for a wedding. Therefore, it is specially sewn. This is a very important element that will give your triumph nobleness and chic.
Furniture. Furniture must also be taken care of separately. If it is of poor quality or does not fit the decor, then the design will not work out.
Tableware. Dishes are a very important detail. Beautiful serving is impossible without it.
Shine. Competent lighting can save a not very successful design. A bad light will kill the work of even the most talented decorator.
Other decor. At weddings they use vases, containers for jewelry, installations, sculptures and other elements. What exactly it will be depends on the main idea.
2. Wedding printing

As the theater begins with a hanger, so your wedding for your guests will begin with a wedding invitation. It is the central element of wedding printing. According to it, guests will judge your triumph, they will receive a first impression of him. But printing for a wedding is not only an invitation. It includes a whole range of elements that the designer develops: Save The Date cards, seating cards, wedding programs, guest menus, seating plans, oath sheets and so on. All of them should be made in the same style and resonate with the rest of your wedding decoration.

You can not take the preparation of printing frivolously. Everything must be taken into account: paper, the method of applying the text, to study the text itself and, of course, the design. Today, wedding printing is very diverse. What do you like? Watercolor invitations with calligraphy? Laser cutting? Kraft paper? Lace? There is something to think about.

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3. Away ceremony area
Photo Kulikova Event Agency
A very important location if you plan to conduct a visiting ceremony. Registration is the central event of the wedding day. You need to approach its design very responsibly.

In the area of ​​the exit ceremony, an arch is usually made out, chairs are selected, a path is worked out along which the bride and groom will walk.

The visiting ceremony must be decorated with high quality, or completely abandoned it. When an event is made tasteless, all its beauty disappears. A competent decorator can make a decent design, even with a relatively small budget. Choose the right person.

4. Wedding venue: general style

To design a wedding, it is very important to understand where it will take place. For example, a restaurant that is made in a bright, memorable, individual style will be difficult to completely remake into something else. Such halls are self-sufficient, and they need to be selected only if there is a complete fit into the concept of a wedding. Emphasizing the beauty of a classic-style restaurant with its corresponding floristry will be a great solution. But to make a wedding in a rustic style there will fail.

There are platforms that, like a blank sheet, can be decorated in completely different ways. These are, for example, tents or specialized banquet rooms with light walls and without decor. Whatever the decorator would come up with, he will be able to realize this on such a platform.

5. Decoration levels

When decorating a room, the designer will surely work out several levels: this is the ceiling, walls, floor, eye level of a standing person, eye level of a seated person.

Ceiling. High ceilings and ceilings in tents are necessarily decorated, otherwise the room will be very uncomfortable, too much empty space. Different elements are used for decoration, often chandeliers become central.
Floor. If the floor in the selected area is in poor condition or does not fit into the concept of the holiday, then it is covered with a carpet of a suitable color. Separately arrange the dance floor. If it is not, then this zone stands out. As a rule, they make a hard floor to make it convenient to dance.
Walls. There can be many options, it all depends on the concept of wedding design and on the available space. The guest should always have a feeling of interest, so the decor is harmoniously located at the level of a standing and sitting person, at the level of the hands. There is constant interaction throughout the evening.
6. Table decoration for the newlyweds

The area for placing the table of the newlyweds should be visually different from the guest tables. As a rule, the table of the bride and groom is placed either at the far wall of the hall (at the opposite from the entrance), or in the center, this allows you to focus the attention of guests on the main characters of the celebration.

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