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Honeymoon in Paris

It is probably hard to come up with a place more suitable for a honeymoon than Paris. Many girls dream of being offered an offer at the Eiffel Tower. If this does not happen, the honeymoon is another great reason to visit the fashion capital and the most romantic city in the world. To see and understand Paris in a couple of weeks is almost impossible. But the minimum program to visit the iconic places of the city is worth a try.

1. Field of Mars and the Eiffel Tower
It is in this place that tourists who come to Paris first of all seek. The tower, which has become a symbol not only of this city, but of the whole of France, attracts thousands of people every year and is the most photographed architectural object in the world. The view of the city, which opens from the tower, is amazing. They say that only one thing is bad in it – the Eiffel Tower is not visible. Most likely, no city in the world has a more romantic place.

2. The Louvre
This greatest museum contains works of world art. You will make an unforgivable mistake without visiting the Louvre. Is it possible, having been in Paris, not to see the legendary Gioconda with her mysterious smile? The Louvre has collected a unique number of paintings by such famous artists as Leonardo da Vinci, Rubens, Titian, Rembrandt. The Tuileries Gardens are located near the museum. They are especially good in the spring. Walking in the garden, you will inevitably go to the Champs Elysees.

It is impossible to get around all this splendor in a day. If you have a reserve of time, then allocate it to inspect the palace and the surrounding area. In its absence, determine the most interesting places of the museum from the guidebook. The Louvre has about 300 thousand exhibits, but not all of them are simultaneously in the exhibition halls. Most of them are stored in the cellars of the museum, and in the halls no more than 35 thousand things are presented. True connoisseurs of art would give a lot for the opportunity to visit here!

3. Disneyland
Some people think that this amusement park is only for children. However, adults will also be interested in taking a ride on a roller coaster, meeting with the characters of the famous Disney cartoons, visiting stunt shows and artists, admiring the real scenery for the movie, and, of course, making a lot of memorable pictures. Disneyland Paris is the largest amusement park on the European continent.

4. Notre Dame Cathedral
The world community is better known as Notre-Dame de Paris. The cathedral is located on the island of Cité, built on the site of the Basilica of St. Stephen – the first Christian church in the city. Without acquaintance with this building – an example of unique architecture and a pearl of the Gothic style – your tour to the capital of France can be considered invalid. This is the most famous temple not only in Paris, but throughout Europe. It can be called the heart of the city. The cathedral is decorated with sculptures, spiers and towers of incredible beauty. The interest of tourists in this place is always huge. And under the arches of the north tower you can admire the panorama of the whole of Paris.

5. Montmartre
This is one of the most famous areas of Paris, located in the northern part of the city on a hill. There you will find many attractions. One of them is the Sacre Coeur Basilica. The white domes of the basilica are as if woven from weightless clouds. Its walls are decorated with golden mosaics, and on the vaults are images of Christ.

Montmartre is a place for romantic natures. Here you can order your portrait from free street artists, look into the legendary Moulin Rouge cabaret. No doubt everyone heard of him. Be sure to go to the lesser-known cabaret, bearing the playful name “Agile Rabbit”. Here you will watch a unique show; nothing like this can be seen anywhere in the world.

Montmartre has everything tourists need: restaurants, cafes, flea markets, souvenirs, miniature green gardens, unique churches, chapels and theaters. All this conveys the spirit of Paris. There is also a unique rural atmosphere: not so long ago this place was a suburban village. This rustic charm has long attracted a bohemian, and then other people.

The famous sculpture of actor Jean Marais “Passing through the walls”, dedicated to the character of the writer Marcel Aime, is also located in Montmartre. Tourists gladly shake hands with an unusual person and make a wish.

If you are not constrained by the means, then be sure to get yourself a picture of one of the artists of Montmartre. The tradition of exhibiting their works with local sculptors and painters has long existed. Once upon a time in Montmartre, artists were looking for sitters, talking to each other, selling work. Now, however, the same thing is happening. Of course, buying a painting is not an cheap event. If you are not ready for this, then it will be interesting for you to even just wander around and admire the works of modern art.

6. River walk along the Seine
If you go to Paris, be sure to buy a river walk along the Seine. It may be a day trip, but more romantic – evening. You can take a picture on the background of the Great Arch of Friendship of Peoples, make a wish when passing under the Arc de Triomphe.

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