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How to arrange a place for a photo shoot at a wedding: accessories, press wall, photo zone

Not a single wedding can do without bright colorful photographs. The participation of the newlyweds in their own photo shoot with a professional photographer on pre-selected venues has long become a tradition, and until recently, guests in this sense were forced to be content with little. At weddings, by and large, they had only two “accessories” for taking pictures – this is the bride and groom. To take a treasured photograph at large weddings, one had to take a turn. Now everything has changed. The Russian wedding industry is adopting a new trend – this is the preparation of a special photo zone at the venue of the celebration.

You can approach the organization of an entertaining photo shoot for guests with varying degrees of seriousness, labor and financial expenses.

Photo Shoot Accessories
The easiest way to organize a creative photo shoot for guests is to prepare fun accessories. A few years ago, costumes, masks and hats were often used for this purpose, which the host brought with him for the competition numbers. Now everything has changed, dressing in gypsies is no longer in vogue.

About the last two years, false mustaches, lips, crowns made from color cardboard are used in photo shoots of stylish weddings. As a rule, they are attached to a stick, which is convenient to hold on to when you attach the accessory to your face. Such “photomasks” are very easy to make on their own. To do this, you need to take cardboard, draw a few patterns of mustaches, bow ties, crowns and smiles, cut them out, attach patterns to a sheet of cardboard, circle it over, colorize, cut and attach to sticks (you can use skewers for barbecue).

If you doubt your artistic abilities, you can find patterns of mustaches and smiles on the Internet and order their printing in a printing house.

Press wall or press wall
At your wedding, a permanent attribute of star parties such as the Oscars or fashion shows may appear – this is the so-called press wall. In fact, it is an interesting background for photographing. The design of the press wall can be associated with the general style of the wedding or with the newlyweds. In the first case, colors and materials that are in harmony with another wedding decor are selected for the press wall. It can be made of wooden boards and pasted with bright wallpaper, can be made of fresh flowers, decorated with garlands of paper.

In the second case, a monogram with the initials of the newlyweds, their joint photographs can be placed on the press wall.

The optimal size for press-put is two by two or two by three meters. It is necessary that guests do not completely cover it with themselves.

You can also make a press wall yourself.

Photo zone is the most difficult decor for a photo shoot in embodiment, however, your guests will definitely appreciate it and take pictures at this place more than once. If the press wall is just the background, then the photo zone is a full-fledged interior ensemble designed for photographing. In addition to the background, it may include pieces of furniture, accessories and other objects that meet the theme of the wedding.

For example, for a nautical-style wedding in the photo zone, you can make a boat model, for a rustic-style wedding, use small “high chairs” of hay and wooden barrels, for a royal-style wedding, it can be a small soft sofa of bright colors with gilding, a table, fans, cylinder and so on.

It is important that guests can use all the elements of the photozone without unnecessary effort. For example, do not force them to change clothes, it is better to prepare some accessories that can easily transform the suit in the right direction.

Your wedding photographer can hold a photo session in the photo zone or at the press wall for guests. Or put a camera there, for example, Polaroid, so that guests immediately receive photos – this too can become an element of an unusual atmosphere.

Restaurant Features
The restaurants have decoration. If it suits your wedding, then you will save on decor. If not, you will have to abandon this restaurant.
If you have a big wedding, then most likely you will have to arrange that the restaurant be closed to other visitors. Perhaps it will be unprofitable for you. This happens in cases where the capacity of the restaurant is much greater than the number of guests at the wedding. You will have to pay a substantial amount.
For weddings up to 15 people rent a banquet hall does not make sense. This is too few people for a huge room. It is more convenient to hold such weddings in a restaurant. It is better to pre-book a place and choose tables where no one bothers you.

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