How to get married happily
Get married - do not attack, no matter how married you do not disappear! These are two completely different tasks: one thing is to get married, the other is to…

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What men are afraid of before the wedding: 5 fears of grooms
It happens that before the wedding, a strange story happens with the bride: she begins to panic and fear marriage. It seems to have been dreaming of a wedding for…

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10 things to not be afraid of at your wedding
During the preparation for the wedding, you tried to think through every detail, because as you know, there are no trifles. Nevertheless, there is a possibility that on this day…

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Scripts in love

If a person loves, he cares about whom he loves, but caring for us by us is not always perceived by us with gratitude and enthusiasm. We have our own, albeit sometimes vague, ideas of what we need and how we need to be taken care of, and only if the lover acts according to a scenario that suits us, this concern will please us. Accordingly, one of the important competencies in love is the knowledge of what and how to make a loved one, so that he perceives it and appreciates it as love, knowledge of the necessary scenarios and the ability to reproduce them.
Pictures of love
We all love to dream of love and compose beautiful pictures of how loving people should live together. It seems to me that this is very important, and it is important to treat pictures of love not as empty dreams, but as specific instructions, as behavioral requirements: if in your picture you see that people who love each other behave just like that, that means and do it. Create pictures of happiness of love – and follow them as instructions. See Pictures of Love

20 manifestations of love
A good practical task: “Many people love beautiful and vivid experiences, but love manifests itself in actions, in actions, in what we really do. List 20 points of what you do (or did) for your loved ones – from what consider both you and those you love to be a manifestation of love. ” Here are the lists made by different smart and loving people – perhaps after reading them you will want to make your own list?

V.S .:

1. just like that, without a reason to give flowers.

2. write a message with affectionate words

3. stroke your favorite work uniform

4. do your favorite massage

5. teach your beloved how to confidently make a presentation at a professional conference.

6. to take away in the morning when the beloved has a day off, the child to school

7. organize the whole family on a weekend trip to the rink

8. help your beloved quickly print an article, because she does not know how to print blindly

9. prepare dinner if your beloved is tired or late

10. hug just like that for no apparent reason and say how much you love her.

11. listen, if something happened at work, reassure, comfort and cheer up.

12. warm the car if it needs to go somewhere in the winter, and on the street early, dark and cold.

13. Monitor her health so she enjoys being together.

14. to break away from business, from the computer, when she speaks to me, turn to face her and respond positively and kindly.

15. kissing in the elevator, regardless of the fact that they had lived together for eleven years.

16. urgently go for a bunch of products in heavy bags even during important hockey

17. Affectionately remind your beloved about a workout in the fitness room and motivate her to go there.

18. Pull your favorite out for a walk in the park while the weather allows

19. know that she loves, and imperceptibly put it in her pocket when she leaves for work

20. Take over the payment of monthly communal receipts.

1. Given time and effort, sometimes, despite their shortage. Knowing that a friend needs to edit texts on his website, I will do this, despite my illness and fatigue.

2. Attention and stroking. This is a warm friendly hug, I call by name, I make my beloved the center of attention.

3. Spontaneity. When it comes to loved ones, I start to gush with ideas, I like to arrange surprises.

4. Carelessness. The opportunity to be with your beloved in the here and now state, to catch a wonderful moment of life, sit in an embrace in silence, admire the starry sky, inhale the aroma of rain.

5. Exchange of thoughts and feedback. My daughter and I have a favorite tradition. I put my teenager to bed, stroke the back and wait for the story of how the day went. Being in a light trance state, she often tells me her fears or “problems”, which are difficult to admit in a normal state. I also try to tell her about my failures in order to inspire confidence.

6. I give vivid emotions and feelings. The holiday is not only on the red day of the calendar. You are at home, God, what a blessing!

7. Willingness to take responsibility for a loved one. My mom taught me this.

8. Caring. Focus on the needs of a loved one. What is important to him now? What can I do for this? I do it. I cook, wash, bake pies, keep quiet, listen, admire, praise, buy gifts, do my homework, put me to bed, do massage, iron my shirt and back.

9. Refusal of jealousy. A difficult point for me and very important. Give beloved freedom and the opportunity to develop, build beautiful relationships with people.

10. Make your desires less significant, if they differ from the desires of a loved one, find common interests. Make a decision from 3rd position.

11. Unconditional acceptance. People are very different, everyone has their own characteristics, which I strive to understand, accept, do not filter out. Although I am a happy person, very good people are attracted to me.

12. A non-standard act, a feat. To do for a loved one what is beyond the comfort zone. A few years ago, she had a wedding with her sister.

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