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Interactive wedding decor areas: how to unusually entertain guests

Brides often miss the moment that guests come to exit registration in advance. As a rule, while waiting for the ceremony, they have absolutely nothing to do, and they begin to get bored. If the organizer prepares the celebration, then usually he offers to entertain guests with live music, drawings of cartoon artists or interactive contests with the host.

And what if the bride does not want to order classic entertainment options? Or the wedding has an original theme, and the quartet of cellists on it will look ridiculous?

The solution to this problem is the combination of decor and entertainment in one performance. The designer of your celebration will help you with this. We are talking about areas for registration at the wedding, which can include interactive entertainment for guests. This will not let them get bored while waiting for registration and during the wedding evening.

6 options for the best interactive wedding areas

1. Photozone
The classic wedding photo zone is a static object that guests can approach and take interesting pictures both independently and with young people. The interactive photo zone allows the guest to show his imagination and not just take a picture, but also to take some action, play, have fun.

For example, a photo zone with removable accessories. Each guest will be able to arrange or hang accessories as they wish and get their exclusive picture.

2. 3D photo zone
A novelty in the field of decor are the so-called 3D photo zones. These are whole rooms created with the help of scenery, which you can go into and take photos. With their help, you can emphasize the style and concept of the whole celebration.

3. Game Zone
Ideal for summer weddings in nature. With the help of large-scale scenery, you can recreate any board game in a gigantic size or come up with a new one. It will be extremely interesting for your guests to play huge “tic-tac-toe” or to become real chess pieces on a large chessboard.

4. Wish Area
This zone itself is interactive. But it will be much more interesting for your guests to write wishes not in a classic book, but, for example, with pomegranate syrup on a canvas or burn out their wishes on a wooden piece of puzzles, which will later be assembled into a single composition in memory of the newlyweds. You can write on pebbles, which is perfect for a wedding with a nautical theme, and at a retro wedding – on vinyl records or even type on a rare typewriter.

4. Hand Made Zone
Currently, at the peak of popularity, various types of needlework. Many girls and men try themselves as masters of certain products. At the wedding, guests can try their hand at the role of a florist, making do-it-yourself wreaths for girls and buttonholes for men, or as an illustrator, creating pictures for your love story. Both adult and young guests at the wedding will like a master class on creating patterns on coffee, anyone can feel like a barista and create their own decor for a delicious drink.

5. Culinary area
Your guests can try themselves in the role of real chefs, having prepared real delicious pizza or rolls under the supervision of a chef. You can arrange a team competition and a prize – the resulting dish can be shared among the winners.

A very interesting entertainment will be the decorated bar, where each guest can feel like a bartender, mixing a signature cocktail according to the recipe from the proposed ingredients.

How to create an interactive zone at a wedding
There are a lot of options for interactive zones. To design one of these zones in unison with the theme of your wedding will help professional wedding designers.

Decorating a celebration is not only a beautifully decorated presidium and compositions on guest tables. A real wedding design project is a single concept of the whole design, every detail in it is thought out and has its purpose, takes a certain place in the decor. An interactive zone at your wedding is created taking into account the general theme of the evening, the color scheme of the decor and many other nuances. Indeed, you must agree that at least the retro wish zone with a typewriter at a natural wedding in a rustic style will look strange.

A properly selected decorated area will help you:

occupy guests for at least 30-40 minutes,
decorate the wedding in a modern and exclusive way,
to surprise and entertain every guest.

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