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When a family is created through sex, there’s nothing good about it

“Our women have three sexual disorders: pedophilia, bestiality, masochism.”

Recently, marriage statistics look like a social catastrophe: the number of divorces is almost equal to the number of marriages. According to psychologists, this happens mainly because many people get married for a variety of ridiculous reasons, except one true one – to build a family.

The famous psychotherapist and author of numerous books, Mikhail Litvak, spoke about who succeeds in creating a happy family and who will have to fill up the statistics of divorces.

Information: Litvak Mikhail Efimovich (born in 1938 in Rostov-on-Don) – a psychologist and psychotherapist with 40 years of experience, Ph.D., author of books on practical and popular psychology.

The most famous: “Psychological Aikido”, “The principle of sperm,” “If you want to be happy,” “How to know and change your destiny.”

– In one interview you said that there are no happy families …

– There is. But not enough. I myself have explored families. There were 3 happy families in 11 thousand families. But most importantly – only happy families are normal. The rest is a pathology, cohabitation of two unfortunate people.

– Is this exactly a Russian feature?

– Why? To one degree or another, pathology is everywhere.

“Why are there so many divorces?” Are people wrong in choosing a spouse?
– This is because people are poorly educated. They were not taught to think, nor taught to choose a husband or wife. We conducted a survey – which of the declarations of love will like more. The following options were proposed: “I can’t live without you,” “I will never hurt you,” “Let’s pull the strap of life together.” So, 75% of women chose the explanation “I can’t live without you.” Is it really not audible that this explanation is characteristic of a man-child or an alcoholic? But no one liked the true declaration of love “Let’s pull the strap of life together”.

– What is love in general?

– This is an active interest in the life and development of the object of love. Everyone says: there is no one to love. Do you know how to love? Our marriage is essentially a suction cup: “I can’t live without you.”

– And what happens to love over time, where does it go?

– Over time, love becomes stronger and stronger … And if it was not originally, then it gets worse and worse.

– What is the difference in the perception of marriage between a man and a woman?

– A man and a woman see marriage the same way. But where did you see men and where did you see women? We have breeders and skirts. So, first you need to become either a man or a woman, and then build a family. Only a physically healthy, spiritually developed and materially successful person has the right to create a family. Do not deal with impoverished lay people.

– If the relationship began with sex, what future awaits them?

– Sex should happen later. And in the beginning there should be a common worldview. Love – not when they look at each other, but when they look one way. Canadian researchers identified four factors that make a family strong. The first is a common worldview. The second is general gastronomic tastes. And only in third place is sex. On the fourth – the desire to stroke each other. And when a family is created through sex, there is nothing good about it.

– Men often compare themselves with males and argue that cheating is mandatory …

– The changes arise due to the fact that people made a mistake in choosing a satellite. If you made a mistake and got married (got married) to the wrong one (not the wrong one), it is natural that someone else begins to like him.

– What women do not cheat?

– Physically healthy, spiritually developed and financially independent. Our women have three sexual disorders: pedophilia, bestiality, masochism. Firstly, they take a man not as husbands, but for education. Secondly, they live with alcoholics. What is an alcoholic? This animal. And, thirdly, they suffer from masochism: they love to be bullied.

– If a woman is physically healthy, financially independent, but not young? Does she have less prospects?

– She has more prospects! This is a woman in the juice itself. It has already taken place. She doesn’t need a side dish, she needs a steak. 45-50-year-old woman in sex will give odds to young.

– How to conduct reconnaissance at the initial stage of dates and determine if yours is a person or not?

– By communication, by gestures, by the manner of dressing. Socrates said: “Tell me something, I want to see you.” After just a few phrases, you can determine who is in front of you and whether you coincide in outlook.

– Should the partners have the same sexual constitution?

– Well, of course. If a man needs sex for 50 minutes 3 times a day, and a woman 3 minutes 1 time per month – they will not succeed.

– If there are any discrepancies, can a woman adapt to a man or try to re-educate him?

– Not. It is necessary to take finished products, not semi-finished products. Mature people should marry. And you can only re-educate one person – himself. I was mistaken – it means that we must disperse. And look for another.

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