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As a man from a beloved, bring up an excellent wife

I was asked a question from a woman: “Can a man make a real mistress of a wife, a shoreline, a keeper of a hearth, soft and supple, supportive in everything, infinitely faithful, happy, relaxed, smiling, rejoicing woman? Is this possible? Or does it all depend? only from women? ”

My answer is yes, sometimes it is possible. Conditions:
For a man, this woman is not one of many, but her beloved. Changing oneself is something to give up on yourself in the past, and then a woman should know well why she needs it. She will agree to change herself if she understands and feels that she is not only giving up on something, but also how much she is gaining. And most importantly, it acquires – for many years! – a worthy man who really loves her.

A man knows how to love. He educates her not just for his convenience, but taking care of her, about her future and her happiness. Women are sometimes inclined to scold themselves – he will stop her in this and will accustom himself to respect and appreciate. It can be difficult for women to remember their own obligations – he will be her memory and her support, he will help her do what she wants from herself and what they want together.
A man knows how to lead. That is, never swear, do not reproach, but do two basic things: to support and give clear instructions. If everything is in order, the man looks at his beloved and admires her not in disguise. If something is not right, he says that something else needs to be done or in a different way.

Important – this man is not anyhow, this is a standing man, for whom a woman will hold on. This is not just a standing man, this is a real man. He is in order with his mind, appearance, status and salary, he is a good lover and friend, an excellent father – in short, a woman has something to lose in choosing “With or without him.”

And this man is not afraid to demand from his beloved. Demand only reasonable things and only in an appropriate environment, but – demand and achieve that this will be done. He is ready to discuss his requirements, he is ready to explain why this is necessary, but if he decided to demand, it will not resolve anymore, it is just necessary to accept and not to butt.

Yes, and the requirements imply tough measures in case of non-compliance. Love – love, but you need to behave properly. It is in order that love lasts forever, it is necessary to ensure that both spouses behave in a decent manner, keep themselves within the framework. A real man loves his wife, is ready to pay her for life at the highest rate, but if his wife (suddenly) has ceased to be the one he loves, he is ready to part with her. This is an extreme measure, but he is ready for this, and the gap does not scare him so much that he no longer follows the reasonable rules in the family.

In Meshchera, an intelligent, talented and very charismatic young man approached me with a question: I want to introduce the Family Constitution in my family, I want to start living in a new way, introduce new rules, but my wife resists (they say, why is this necessary). What am I advanced to do?

My answer:

The first one. Become the perfect husband. Golden man. So there was nothing to complain about. Can you To live like this for a week or two, better a month.

The second one. After that, say as the head of the family: “My beloved wife, I want from now on the following rules in our family … I want to live in a family in which there is mutual respect and support, in which … (we list). I don’t intend to live otherwise. Can we make such a family? Where do we start? ”

If a woman is smart, then he will listen and agree.

If a man is a worthy and reasonable person, then the woman next to him is not just any, but reasonable, and, in particular, this means that she is ready to obey the man. As a self-respecting woman, she will do this not thoughtlessly, but by talking and understanding: why is this expected of her and what specifically is her husband asking for. On the other hand, if necessary, she will do this, that he is expected to her not only sometimes and by mood, but always when necessary. She will listen to her husband seriously, how people behave at work.

Under these conditions, they will succeed: he will be a happy husband, and she is the best and most beloved wife in the world. And if they are still familiar with what the Distance is, they will be able to do it easier and faster. Those who are familiar with the Distance know how to work well on themselves, know how to work smartly and honestly.
If all these conditions are fulfilled – yes, they can succeed and, most likely, succeed. Yes, if you are not already at the Distance – I recommend!

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