And what do you think? - dialogue support and vaccination against categorization
Discussing difficult issues is not easy. When people are addicted, they begin to speak categorically, throw a lot of negativity on the partner and just immediately talk about a lot,…

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Honeymoon in Paris
It is probably hard to come up with a place more suitable for a honeymoon than Paris. Many girls dream of being offered an offer at the Eiffel Tower. If…

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A real woman is always a cat
Dogs are loyal to the owner and are well trained. Cats come to the house to enjoy food and home comfort, but are not attached to the owners, are poorly…

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They quarrel with you – that means you are needed!

A cat came to the man’s house. She came to the man and stayed with him, because here she was warm and comfortable. She was beautiful and did not hide her beauty, she could be stroked, and then she purred. When the man just sat, she gladly rubbed against his legs. She hardly stroked him that way, more so she received stroking herself. But this suited the man, and he left kitty. And then … Then the kitty got accustomed: it began to meow loudly when there was no milk in the bowl, it was no longer a guest, but a mistress on the bed, and when it was driven away, it offended released its claws and scratched. And it was already impossible to understand whether it was a joke or seriously.

However, the cat can climb onto the bed carefully, and always lies down – the mistress. This cat didn’t even climb anymore – she jumped into the bed as a mistress.

And today the man kicks out kitty. He tells her: “Scatter out of bed!” – but kitty only stretched. The man got up and smacked her – the kitty lazily jumped out of bed and left the room offended. And then she returned, looking at him with reproach. The man read his newspaper and did not stubbornly look at kitty, but she came up and began to rub against his leg again. He told her angrily: “Go away, tired of it!”, Pussycat thought and went to her kitchen, to her sour cream.
The next evening, the kitty was again sitting on his lap.
… Kitty will not leave him anywhere, because she is wise. She will be with him because she needs him, and also because she knows that she is such a man needs him. Today he needs someone to be kicked out, and he, besides her, has nobody for this. He will drive her away, but she will definitely return, because:

Every woman is a cat. She always walks on her own and always chooses for herself the owners who will let her in and give her the fattest sour cream.

This man kept his door open, and a woman began to come to him. She came to the man, because here she was warm and comfortable. She was beautiful and did not hide her beauty, she could be stroked, and then she purred. She did not care if she needed her here: she knew that she wanted to be here. And she knew that the one who does not want her is a fool. Well, goofy. The man was not a fool and wanted her. For a while. And then … Then the woman got accustomed: she began to express dissatisfaction when the man paid less attention to her than she would like, she went to the house no longer as a guest, but as a mistress, and when she was made aware that she was not invited to this position at all, she sulked offendedly: “You do not respect me as a person!” And it was already impossible to understand whether it was a joke or seriously.

And today, a man speaks bad words to a woman. He tells her: “I don’t need you!”, He tells her: “Go away!”, And she strokes his hand and looks at him warmly and carefully.

She will not leave. The man will be angry, speak harsh words to her, prove that they should leave, but she will not leave. He will offend her, she will cry with the same and more painful cry, they will begin to say terrible things to each other – but they will be together for a long time to come. She will not leave. Or, having left, he will definitely return.

A woman will not leave him anywhere, because she is a woman. She will be with him because she needs him, and also because she knows that she is such a man needs him. She knows that the man’s heart is happy with this evening entertainment, this game of chasing. It seems that today he needs to fight, and she happily appeared nearby. And now he is figuring out whether he can drive her away from him, she proves to him that this will not work for him. They do not want to diverge at all, they simply measure their strength.

She sees how menacingly inflates, how much he puts souls into a conversation with her. And if she leaves, with whom will he quarrel so sincerely? Yes, he is simply afraid that she will leave. Now he is weighed down by a relationship with her, but if she leaves, he will be weighed down by the lack of a relationship. And the woman knows that. They quarrel with her – that means she is needed.

A woman will leave when the man ceases to quarrel with her. When conversations cease, when he no longer needs to prove anything to her, and when her words, even the most offensive, will fly past him into the void – as if from someone else’s. He will leave or she will leave – it doesn’t matter anymore, they will part. They part because the Games are over and the main thing is decided: “We are parting.” Accepted – by the mind. And it was decided – by the heart.

And what to do about it? We won’t give women any tips, because wise cats are good without our recommendations. Recommendations are needed for those who sort things out with cats, worry about their tears and try to come to an agreement with them … In science, this is called codependency and can last for years. In fact, everything is solved simply, but only those who are not fooled by tears are really not afraid to part (ready to part), knows how to negotiate and follows the format.

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