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Romantic love: Helen Fisher studies the brain of lovers
Why do all people crave love and are even ready to die for it? To answer this question, a research group led by Helen Fisher undertook to study the results…

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8 ways to ruin your wedding night
The wedding day is full of events and experiences. You have been waiting for him for so long and now, finally, he has arrived. Beautiful outfits, friends and relatives (with…

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How to prepare the second half and parents to get to know each other
No one knows for sure when it comes - the right time to meet the second half with their parents. Someone does this long before the decision is made on…

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How can I make your day better?

My name is Richard Evans, I am a writer, but I want to talk about what was in our family, without thought. And Carrie and I were all bad, very bad. Perhaps we did not fit each other in character, but we constantly fought hard battles with her. We quarreled and scandalized, scandalized and quarreled. Divorce seemed inevitable.

When we once again terribly quarreled on the phone and the pipes were thrown from both sides, I just broke. I was already no one to yell at, I was yelling just like that, from wild rage. The fact is that I still did not want to get a divorce. I still knew that Carrie is a good person, I naturally am silent to myself, so why can’t two good and loving people get along together? Continue reading

And what do you think? – dialogue support and vaccination against categorization

Discussing difficult issues is not easy. When people are addicted, they begin to speak categorically, throw a lot of negativity on the partner and just immediately talk about a lot, raising several topics at once. How to discuss this? Only if you answer the same.
“I get tired, but you don’t help me and behave as if all your whims should be fulfilled immediately!” – what to answer? Now listen to another conversation: “I’m tired and would like to discuss with you, can I count on your help?” – “Oh sure!”. If the conversation is built in the form of dialogue, it’s easier to negotiate. Continue reading

We got the relationship, but we don’t want to disperse: 7 rules for those who want to improve their relationship

Once you could lie nearby and enjoy dreaming, looking together at the high sky, but today it’s hard for you to talk even on everyday topics. You used to love walking, holding hands, but today you don’t want to think about kissing him or her … Relationships sometimes get messy, but you have a common house, you have children, and it seems silly to disperse …

If your relationship has bothered you in your pair, but you believe that your relationship curves can be corrected, and, moreover, you want to correct them, then the following recommendations will help you. They are not fiction, they are developed in practice. They are tested, they work, but only among intelligent people who, in their own experience, developed and tested them. And, most importantly, these are not abstract recommendations, but clear and working instructions. Continue reading

No one owes nothing to nobody?

“No one owes nothing to nobody!” – I said thirty years ago in the book “How to treat yourself and people: practical psychology for every day.” Since then, an equal number of people have been sending me fiery thanks for this position, which gave them wisdom and peace of mind, as well as equally fire-breathing claims from those who began to think so, treat people like that and as a result have broken their lives.

I quote the source:

I wake up early in the morning, I need to quickly pack up: I’m flying on a business trip. I understand that I don’t have time: the things are not all collected, but it would be nice to have breakfast. My wife is lying, but she could probably get up and help me … I’m ready to express my reproaches to her, but I stop myself at once: “Does this Continue reading

A real woman is always a cat

Dogs are loyal to the owner and are well trained. Cats come to the house to enjoy food and home comfort, but are not attached to the owners, are poorly trained and walk on their own. If you give the dog a command, she will execute it. If you try to give the cat a command, it will at best turn its head in your direction and look at you carefully. In men, dog psychology. In women, cat psychology. A real woman is always a cat.
It is interesting that in childhood you can not see it. Everyone knows that the boys’ parents do not obey, run shaggy, scream and fight, scatter things, do not do homework and run away from home. But girls are more obedient to boys, behave well, are neat and combed, more often help around the house and in case of disagreement they do not rebel, but cry quietly. If the girl fights and runs away from home, then she is Continue reading

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Divorced parents at your wedding: how to avoid conflicts
Future newlyweds always want a miracle. Sometimes it means that divorced parents stop quarreling. Indeed, at his wedding, every person wants to see both mom and dad. But the complex…


As a man from a beloved, bring up an excellent wife
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A real woman is always a cat
Dogs are loyal to the owner and are well trained. Cats come to the house to enjoy food and home comfort, but are not attached to the owners, are poorly…


10 most common brides mistakes before the wedding
To organize a truly memorable wedding, you need to spend a lot of time and nerves. Often, the bride, without realizing it, makes the preparation more difficult than it could…