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A real woman is always a cat
Dogs are loyal to the owner and are well trained. Cats come to the house to enjoy food and home comfort, but are not attached to the owners, are poorly…

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About Love ... and the difficult rules of its preservation
Short report of one consultation. Request: “We have been dating for 2 years, we still can’t live together. Are planning. He says that he loves me very much. And not…

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When a family is created through sex, there’s nothing good about it
“Our women have three sexual disorders: pedophilia, bestiality, masochism.” Recently, marriage statistics look like a social catastrophe: the number of divorces is almost equal to the number of marriages. According…

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As a man from a beloved, bring up an excellent wife

I was asked a question from a woman: “Can a man make a real mistress of a wife, a shoreline, a keeper of a hearth, soft and supple, supportive in everything, infinitely faithful, happy, relaxed, smiling, rejoicing woman? Is this possible? Or does it all depend? only from women? ”

My answer is yes, sometimes it is possible. Conditions:
For a man, this woman is not one of many, but her beloved. Changing oneself is something to give up on yourself in the past, and then a woman should know well why she needs it. She will agree to change herself if she understands and feels that she is not only giving up on something, but also how much she is Continue reading

I want to give birth to a child from a married man

A year ago, returning from a business trip, I stopped by my friends and involuntarily witnessed a discussion of the life situation in which there was one woman who decided to have a child from a married man. The discussion was quite emotional, sometimes opinions were directly opposite. They also turned to me with a request to express their opinion.

I replied that only a serious, deep conversation with this woman would help clarify the situation, and it would be possible to suggest options for her harmonious resolution. To my surprise, two days later she came to me for a consultation. Continue reading

How is psychological attachment formed

Attachment is a connection that attracts and holds a person next to someone or something when neither a feeling of love, nor interest or benefit connects him with it.
To whom or what people are not attached to! To your beloved spoon and puppy, to work and place of residence, to the old jacket and to each other … Some of these attachments are understandable and justified, others are more like eccentricities, some are a big nuisance. Most modern people are attached to comfort, to a TV, the Internet, a mobile phone – they are drawn to all this, even when a person understands that you can do without it and even better to do it. People get used to their favorite chair, to jeans, to a tennis racket – these are also options for household attachments. Moreover, everyone knows the affection between people – Continue reading

They quarrel with you – that means you are needed!

A cat came to the man’s house. She came to the man and stayed with him, because here she was warm and comfortable. She was beautiful and did not hide her beauty, she could be stroked, and then she purred. When the man just sat, she gladly rubbed against his legs. She hardly stroked him that way, more so she received stroking herself. But this suited the man, and he left kitty. And then … Then the kitty got accustomed: it began to meow loudly when there was no milk in the bowl, it was no longer a guest, but a mistress on the bed, and when it was driven away, it offended released its claws and scratched. And it was already impossible to understand whether it was a joke or seriously.

However, the cat can climb onto the bed carefully, and always lies down – the mistress. This cat didn’t even Continue reading

How to get married happily

Get married – do not attack, no matter how married you do not disappear!
These are two completely different tasks: one thing is to get married, the other is to get married happily. How to get married is described in detail in the article “How to Act a Girl to Get Married”: the article is not very kind, but realistic. The main thing in the science of “getting married” is 1) to learn to weed out men in love who are not going to get married in the near future with any love, and 2) to play on the masculine sense of a hunter, posing himself in front of men as a woman who needs to be sought and won.
But getting married happily is another matter. This is about how to find your person, how to find a person worthy, how to build and maintain a warm and open relationship. If you meet such a person, you will love him, but future happiness does not begin with a feeling of love, but with your ability to understand people. Moreover, a strong love is often rather an obstacle: the more we are in love, the more Continue reading

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