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About Love ... and the difficult rules of its preservation
Short report of one consultation. Request: “We have been dating for 2 years, we still can’t live together. Are planning. He says that he loves me very much. And not…

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They quarrel with you - that means you are needed!
A cat came to the man’s house. She came to the man and stayed with him, because here she was warm and comfortable. She was beautiful and did not hide…

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8 ways to ruin your wedding night
The wedding day is full of events and experiences. You have been waiting for him for so long and now, finally, he has arrived. Beautiful outfits, friends and relatives (with…

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Uncertainty before the wedding: the opinion of a psychologist

Many couples think that a wedding is the peak in a relationship you want to strive for, or the finish line, followed by a reward – unlimited happiness. A successful marriage really brings joy and harmony, but many couples still have doubts about the correctness of a fateful choice. Zankyou decided to seek the help of professionals and ask them to comment on this problem.

We advise you to take a deep breath, relax and read the advice of a specialist from the Center for Positive Psychology of Valencia. We tried to understand what makes you doubt your decision.

Public opinion
Specialists remind that a person is a social being, and therefore he is very worried about what others Continue reading

A truly scientific way to keep love, 100% guaranteed

Arthur Aron, an American psychologist, is known not only for 36 questions with which you can fall in love with a stranger and fall in love with himself. A true scientist, he explores the psychological phenomenon of love. The experience of “falling in love with 36 questions” was set twenty years ago and is still amazing. But to fall in love, in the end, is a simple matter, the really interesting thing is how you can keep the feeling, carry it through decades of living together, doing laundry, children, animals, crises and diseases.

Arthur Aron also has a very interesting answer to this question, which intuitively seems extremely true. Continue reading

About Love … and the difficult rules of its preservation

Short report of one consultation.

Request: “We have been dating for 2 years, we still can’t live together. Are planning. He says that he loves me very much. And not only says, instantly responds to all my requests. So do I. We have very kind and, it seemed to me, sincere close relations. Now I found out that he has a relationship with another girl. He went on a business trip, and I found out that she went there to him. I was in shock. Why? After all, everything is fine with us. He always shows that he is well with me. And I love him very much, there is always a lot of tenderness between us. Like doves … And suddenly this …
I am very, very bad. I do not know what to do. I could hardly resist the sobbing calls or evil sms there to him. I could hardly resist an even more stupid desire to call or write to that girl (I have her phone Continue reading

I love you

I am convinced that you need to start loving a loved one ten years before meeting him (with her). Why? Because you need to make yourself a wonderful person, and love to learn: learn to love so that you do it efficiently and easily. Just as you can breathe.

They learn this at the Distance as part of the exercise “I love you”, here I will describe its contents and, in essence, I propose to jointly make a checklist according to which everyone who is interested in bearing the title of Loving could check themselves: today I loved properly? Not hackneyed, not distracted?
If you are interested in this task, I suggest starting with a poem by Arseny Tarkovsky:
Our dates every moment
We celebrated like an epiphany
Alone in the whole world. You were
Faster and lighter than the bird’s wing,
Up the stairs like dizziness Continue reading

Men and women: why inequality?

Over and over in the comments and letters, women write indignant messages to the editorial board of the Psychologist.
Hello. Please tell me, are men some experts? Are they at a brides fair, or what? They choose it, and women only develop and develop, work and work on themselves? Guys do not need it? Thank you for not being gay, not a pervert, not married, etc. But women are better. Why should they be in the position of subordinates? Why’s that?

Dear men, you need to understand that times have changed. Everyone continues to believe in the old fashioned way that a woman was created in order to create comfortable conditions for men, to cook them Continue reading

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